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Peanut 3-pack

Peanut 3-pack

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Choose from Sweet Peanut, Roasted Peanut, or Ginger Peanut, or a pack of one of each flavor-

Sweet Peanut

Loved by all who enjoy peanuts, Sweet Peanut Nocci has all the memories of a peanut butter and honey sandwich, giving you whimsical nostalgia-in-a-cup. This delicate blend of organic peanuts and honey creates wholesomely creamy comfort for when you want to add sweetness to your day.

Roasted Peanut

For the less-sweet beverage lovers, Roasted Peanut Nocci's lightly sweetened nuttiness makes this comfort-in-a-cup. Our original flavor, this is the most creamy and wholesome in the Nocci collection.

 Ginger Peanut (now Creme Peanut)

With flavors reminiscent of a butter cookie, Ginger Peanut Nocci is our favorite in the Peanut Collection. In this blend, a tiny touch of ginger is calmed with peanuts and honey, creating nut crème perfection. Enjoy a hug from the inside.

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