Turmeric Almond
  • Turmeric Almond

    With all the beneficial properties of turmeric and cinnamon - Turmeric Almond Nocci is comfort-in-a-cup for the health conscious. Enjoy bedtime a little more with this luxurious golden treat. 


    Made with Organic Honey - Caffeine Free - 100% Delicious


    Nocci Collection

    Inspired by India's fragrant Badam Milk and Korea's nutty Yulmu-cha, Sweet Nut-Crème Tea is a wholesome warm-beverage mix, made with nuts, honey and spices. It's naturally caffeine-free and a delicious alternative to hot chocolate, lattes, and other comfort beverages. It can be mixed with hot water or milk. We recommend mixing it with hot milk or non-dairy milk for a delightfully creamy treat.

    Turmeric Almond